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Main Uses

Fiberglass and FRP:Improve the wet physical and mechanical strength, wet electrical properties of composites, and improve the clustering, protection and processing technology of fiberglass.

Adhesives and coatings: improve the adhesion and weatherability under wet conditions, improve the dispersibility of pigments, improve the wear resistance and cross-linking of resins.

Casting: Improve the strength of resin sand to achieve high and low gas emission.

Rubber:Improve the mechanical strength, wear resistance, wet electrical properties and rheology of products.

Sealant:Improve the wet adhesion, improve the dispersion of fillers, product wear resistance.

Textiles:Make textiles soft and full, improve their waterproof, and adhesion to dyes.

Printing ink:Improve the wettability of adhesion.

Surface treatment of filler:improve the compatibility, wettability and dispersion of filler and resin in resin.

Crosslinked polyethylene:Used for strengthening strength, durability and service life of crosslinked polyethylene cables and hot water pipes.