Guangzhou Longkai Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Corporate Culture

    In 2009, Guangzhou Longkai Chemical Co., Ltd. was established. The company needs to develop and expand, product diversification, and business scope of chemical products continues to expand.

    In the future, we will continue to take win-win cooperation as the platform and technological research and development as the requirement to work with customers to improve the quality of products; improve the popularity of customers by constantly surpassing the industrial added value of peers through the competitiveness of enterprises; improve the quality of life of the team, improve the working environment of the team and enhance the staff in the aspect of employee security. In terms of production and sales, we will provide a better, more refined and richer product line, and build a comprehensive company relying on e-commerce platform. This is the direction of the joint efforts of all Longkai employees, and we will use our actions to depict this beautiful future.

    Honesty:The highest virtue of life, honesty and trustworthiness, to treat people sincerely, to build business with faith, to create integrity, to create civilization. If you don't believe it, you don't know it.

    Collaboration:Team work, cooperate with each other, create the future together, people together, can do what one person can not do, up and down collaboration, everything can be achieved.

    Innovation:Innovation is the soul. The mode of thinking is different from the conventional or ordinary way of thinking. Innovation makes us different and meets every challenge.

    Positive energy:stimulate their own potential, ignite the internal positive energy, detonate the small universe.

    Working Principle:Complex things are done simply, simple things are done seriously, serious things are done repeatedly, and repetitive things are done creatively.