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Rubber Coupling Agent,Tire Wear Resistant

  • Rubber Industry(Rubber Coupling Agent and Tire Wear Resistant)
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  • Effection:Increasing adhesion between rubber and filler; abrasive resistance of special rubber; modifier for rubber processing; cross-linking of room temperature vulcanized rubber.

Silicone is a special synthetic rubber, which can meet the needs of professionals in inventing, innovating design and construction.

Efficiency: Silicone rubber has a unique versatility and convenience, so that treatment equipment has a variety of design options. Silicone rubber is easy to flow and consumes less energy during die pressing, extrusion and calendering, thus simplifying the production process. The formulation of silicone rubber has the characteristics of temperature resistance and chemical substances. The rapid curing characteristics can maximize the production efficiency of industrial packaging and assembly. Professionals can use the compounds to be processed at any time to produce final products, or mix them with other substances to produce specific products that meet complex technical requirements. Silicone rubber plays an important role in the application of cutting-edge high-tech, and is used more and more in the new market. With appropriate technology, silicone rubber can produce innovative production schemes, especially in simplifying automatic production processes (e.g. industrial die manufacturing).

Industries benefiting from silicone rubber include: automobiles and transportation (including aerospace and aviation); mechanical and chemical engineering; electrical equipment; cables; household products; medical equipment.

Reliability: Silicone rubber has reliable performance and high cost performance. It is the preferred choice for processing and manufacturing applications of many high-quality products. Because it has a variety of formulations for vulcanization, moulding and manufacturing, it can help enterprises to simplify the production process on the premise of ensuring the same quality. Silicone rubber products do not produce harmful odors or by-products, and have low allergenicity. Because these products are easy to clean, there is no need to use irritating and harmful solvents that may pollute the air or water sources.

High performance, high protection, multi-purpose, lifestyle-leading organosilicon is changing our present and depicting our future.

Performance: Processors, manufacturers and technicians put forward a variety of demanding requirements, requiring rubber to be easy to cure, easy to manufacture, low price and the same quality. The performance of silicone rubber is superior to other kinds of organic rubber, and it has a variety of different and complementary physical and mechanical properties.

Chemical properties: high temperature and low temperature stability, compressive elasticity.

Tear Strength: Persistent Tensile Strength and Extension Characteristics; Inertia - tasteless, odorless, production process will not release harmful by-products; Translucent and easy to color multiple hardness grades; Chemical corrosion resistance; Resistance to climate erosion and aging; Resistance to ozone and oxidation; Excellent sealing and adhesion properties; Excellent insulation properties; Fire resistance; Antibacterial - Adverse in hot and humid environments Silicone rubber and its technology have been used in many industries, and new applications are still being explored in order to meet market demand.