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Silane KH-Si69 【Bis-[3-(triethoxysilane)-propyl]-tetrasulfide】
Silane KH-Si69
Silane KH-Si69


【Chemical Name】:Bis-[3-(triethoxysilane)-propyl]-tetrasulfide


Product Code:KH-Si69

Corresponding Brand:DynasylanSi69、Z-6940、KBE-846

Chemical Name:Bis-[3-(triethoxysilane)-propyl]-tetrasulfide

Synonyms:Silicon 69, bis [gamma-(triethoxysilyl) propyl]-tetrasulfide, 4,4', 15,15-tetraethoxy-3,16-dioxane-8,9,10,11-tetrasulfide-4,15-disiloxoctadecane, bis [_-(triethoxysilyl) propyl]-tetrasulfide, 3,3'-tetrasulfide bis (propyltriethoxysilane)

Molecular Formula:(C2H5O)3Si(CH2)3-S4-(CH2)3Si(OC2H5)3

Structural Formula:

  Describe This product is a light yellow to light brown transparent liquid with ethanol odor. It is soluble in many solvents such as ethanol, acetone, benzene, toluene and insoluble in water.
  Molecular Weight   538.95   CAS   40372-72-3
  EINECS   254-896-5   Boiling Point   85-88°C /1.07Kpa
  Density   1.08±0.01 (ρ20)g/cm3   Refractive Index   1.4800 ± 0.0200 (n25D)
Application Area

silicon rubber  |  tyre  |  rubber

Main Uses

  KH-Si69 is a kind of multi-functional silicone rubber and tire additive which has been successfully applied in rubber industry. Its function is to improve the elastic modulus and tensile strength of rubber, significantly improve the wear resistance and compressive properties of rubber, reduce the viscosity of rubber and save energy consumption. It is the most widely used tire wear resistant agent.


5 kg/barrel, 20 kg/box.
Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, damp-proof and waterproof, away from fire and heat source.