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Silane KH-323 【3-chloropropyl methyl dimethoxysilane】
Silane KH-323
Silane KH-323


【Chemical Name】:3-chloropropyl methyl dimethoxysilane


Product Code:KH-323

Corresponding Brand:Dynasylan Si230、Z-6076

Chemical Name:3-chloropropyl methyl dimethoxysilane

Synonyms:3-chloropropyl dimethoxymethylsilane, gamma-chloropropyl methyldimethoxysilane, 3-chloropropyl Dimethoxymethylsilane and 3-chloropropyl Dimethoxymethylsilane

Molecular Formula:Cl(CH2)3SiCH3(OCH3)2

Structural Formula:

  Describe This product is a colorless transparent liquid, soluble in a variety of organic solvents, water will hydrolyze.
  Molecular Weight   182.72   CAS   18171-19-2
  EINECS   242-056-0   Boiling Point   70~72°C/1.47KPa
  Density   1.0240±0.005(25°C) (ρ20)g/cm3   Refractive Index   1.4242±0.005 (n25D)
Application Area

silicon rubber  |  Intermediate

Main Uses

  This product is a very versatile intermediate. It can be used to prepare various coupling agents and special silicone oil.

  In rubber industry, the strength of polyurethane elastomer can be improved by introducing polar group (chloropropyl); vulcanized rubber with low permeability, rolling resistance, high elasticity and elongation can also be synthesized; and it can be used as ballistic solid tire in military.

  In the plastics industry, it can effectively inhibit the percolation of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plasticizer, keep PVC clean and sanitary for a long time, and can be used as absorbent of polyurethane foam plastics to improve the weatherability of foam plastics.

  In the textile industry, fabric treatment agent can be made to make the fabric soft and elastic, and to prevent the fabric from yellowing, improve the dyeing performance of the fabric.

  In the printing industry, negative toner can be made for electrostatic copying, image development and so on.


5 kg/barrel, 20 kg/box.
Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, damp-proof and waterproof, away from fire and heat source.