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Vinyl silane A-172 【Vinyl tri-(2-methoxyethoxy)-silane】
Vinyl silane A-172
Vinyl silane A-172


【Chemical Name】:Vinyl tri-(2-methoxyethoxy)-silane


Product Code:A-172

Corresponding Brand:Z-6172、GE A-172

Chemical Name:Vinyl tri-(2-methoxyethoxy)-silane

Synonyms:Vinyl tri (2-methoxyethoxy) silane, 6-vinyl-6-(2-methoxyethoxy) -2,5,7,10-tetraoxane-6-siloxane and tri (2-methoxyethoxy) vinyl silane

Molecular Formula:CH2=CHSi (OCH2CH2OCH3)

Structural Formula:

  Describe This product is straw yellow liquid, soluble in methanol, ethanol, toluene, xylene and acetone. After enough stirring, it can dissolve in water and its water solubility can reach 5% w/w.
  Molecular Weight   280.39   CAS   1067-53-4
  EINECS   213-934-0   Boiling Point   285°C
  Density   1.040±0.02 (ρ20)g/cm3   Refractive Index   1.430±0.05 (n25D)
Application Area

glass fibre |  An adhesive  |  resin  |  Plastic  |  filler  |  coating  |  Spin   |  casting

Main Uses

  1、Vinyl silane A-172 can improve the electrical properties and mechanical strength of EPDM, crosslinked polyethylene and their polymers or resins filled with inorganic fillers, especially in wet state. It can be used as surface treatment agent for ceramics and inorganic fillers containing silicon and added by blending method.
  2、It can improve the mechanical strength of crosslinking, filling with inorganic fillers or reinforcing polyester composites in dry and wet state.
  3、It can reduce the hygroscopicity, gas properties and mechanical strength of cross-linked polyester moulding material.
  4、In the application of glass fibers, vinylsilane A-172 can improve the bonding strength of fibre monofilaments and polyester resins, and improve the properties of composites in wet state.


5 kg/barrel, 20 kg/box.
Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, damp-proof and waterproof, away from fire and heat source.