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Mercapto KH-590 【3-Mercaptopropyl trimethoxysilane】
Mercapto KH-590
Mercapto KH-590


【Chemical Name】:3-Mercaptopropyl trimethoxysilane


Product Code:KH-590

Corresponding Brand:KBM-803、Z-6062

Chemical Name:3-Mercaptopropyl trimethoxysilane

Synonyms:3-(trimethoxymethylsilyl) -1-propanethiol, gamma-mercaptopropyl trimethoxysilane, mercaptopropyl trimethoxysilane, (3-mercaptopropyl) trimethoxysilane and 3-thiopropyl trimethoxysilane

Molecular Formula:HS(CH2)3Si(OCH3)3

Structural Formula:

  Describe This product is a colorless transparent liquid, soluble in a variety of organic solvents.
  Molecular Weight   196.34   CAS   4420-74-0
  EINECS   224-588-5   Boiling Point   N.A.
  Density   1.0450±0.01(25°C) (ρ20)g/cm3   Refractive Index   1.4420±0.005 (n25D)
Application Area

glass fibre  |  An adhesive  |  resin  |  Plastic  |  filler  |  casting

Main Uses

    KH-590 silane coupling agent has sulfhydryl functional group. As a metal surface antirust agent, KH-590 silane coupling agent has special effect. When it is used to treat metal surfaces such as gold, silver and copper, it can enhance the corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and adhesion with macromolecule such as resin.

    In rubber industry, inorganic fillers such as silica, carbon black, glass fiber and mica are often used to improve the mechanical properties and wear resistance of rubber.

    It can be used in shrink-proof finishing of textiles.


5 kg/barrel, 20 kg/box.
Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, damp-proof and waterproof, away from fire and heat source.