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Sulfur-containing silane series products include a variety of multi-functional silane coupling agents which have been successfully used in the rubber and plastics industry. Its application can improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber, obviously improve the properties of rubber, such as tensile strength, tear resistance, wear resistance, reduce permanent modification, and at the same time reduce the viscosity of rubber and improve processing performance. It is especially suitable for vulcanized rubber systems with silica or silicate as reinforcing agents. The suitable fillers include white carbon black, talc powder, clay, mica powder, clay, etc. The suitable polymers include NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR, EPDM, etc.

Application Case:
  • ● Applied to tyres and rubber rollers: it can improve wear resistance, reduce hysteresis, enhance modulus, maximize bonding performance, improve processing performance, tread wear resistance, hot cracking, bonding performance of matrix and filler, and bonding performance of tire buffer layer.
  • ● Applied to footwear: improve wear resistance, shear resistance and pressure resistance, improve flexibility.
  • ● Applied to drum: improve wear resistance, aging resistance, bearing capacity, improve processing performance, reduce water absorption and hysteresis.
  • ● Applied to mechanical casting products: enhance modulus and thermal aging performance, improve dynamic performance, reduce the expansion of viscous solvents.
  • ● Applied to rubber hose: improve the wear resistance of exterior, enhance modulus, thermal aging performance and bonding between reinforcers.
  • ● Applied to flat tape: improve wear resistance, improve vulcanization reversion, reduce the cost of clay replacing carbon black, improve the adhesion of tire cord, enhance flexural life and modulus.
  • ● Applied to V-type adhesive tape: enhance modulus, improve wear resistance, increase flexural life, improve the bonding performance of reinforcement materials.