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Titanate coupling agent has good coupling effect in filler systems such as thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and rubber.

Main Application:
  • ● In the rubber industry, filler modification can play a reinforcing role, reduce the amount of rubber and antioxidant, improve the wear resistance and aging resistance of products, and its gloss has been significantly improved.
  • ● The application in paint industry can increase the amount of pigment filler, improve the dispersibility, have anti-sedimentation effect, prevent hair blossom, improve the strength of paint film, have bright color, and also have the characteristics of drying. It can also reduce the baking temperature and shorten the baking time for baking paint.
  • ● The dispersibility of pigments can be improved remarkably when applied in the pigments industry. It can shorten the grinding dispersing time and make the products bright.
  • ● In the paper industry, the dispersion of calcium carbonate or talc powder is improved, the loss is greatly reduced, the filling capacity is increased, the strength of paper is strengthened, and the printing performance of paper is improved.
  • ● The application in oilfield industry can improve gelling property, heat resistance temperature, downhole depth and permeability of fracturing fluid, and has remarkable effect on enhancing oil recovery.
  • ● The application in magnetic material industry can improve the dispersion of magnetic powder and the affinity of magnetic powder with band or carrier, thus increasing the filling capacity, magnetic density and magnetic signal.