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Piperazine coupling agent is a kind of two functional diamine silane coupling agent, which is mainly used for the production of piperazine modified silicone oil and emulsion. Because the amine group on the side chain of the catalyst is secondary amine group and tertiary amine group, some properties are better than those of other primary amine base silane coupling agents. Cotton, linen, wool and blended fabrics treated with its emulsion.

Main Features:
  • ● Softness is better than traditional amino silicone oil.
  • ● The smoothness is improved to a certain extent, and the fluffy handle is good.
  • ● The yellowness of the fabric is greatly reduced, and the fabric is easy to change and dye after softening and peeling.
  • ● The finished fabric has good hydrophilicity, and the finishing fluid is not easy to stick to rollers.
  • ● It is the raw material of a new and excellent fabric finishing agent.