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Alkyl Silane

Alkyl silane series products are mainly used to treat inorganic materials, such as glass, silica, kaolin, ceramics, mica, SiC, talc powder, etc. to improve the compatibility and waterproof performance with organic materials (such as plastics, rubber, rubber oils, adhesives) and enhance the mechanical properties of products.

Application Case:
  • ● It can protect blank glass and film-treated glass (optical antireflective film, vacuum antireflective film, reflective film).
  • ● It can protect optical parts or precision instruments with scale and metal frame.
  • ● Used as surface modification of ultrafine powders, such as chromatographic column or stationary phase surface treatment of separation materials.
  • ● It is used for protection of cultural relics and waterproofing of other products to prevent the destruction of cultural relics (especially outdoor cultural relics) by acid corrosion, freeze-thaw and weathering.